My name is Kurt Hummel. I'm seventeen and a patient at the New Directions Youth Rehabilitation Center in Lima, OH. They think this blog is good for me or
something, I am. *This is a roleplay blog*


Blog Entry 2

Ugh, I hate my profile picture.  I wanted it to be of Lady Gaga from her Born This Way music video, but my therapist Mr. Shuester wants our pictures to be of us, so he thought it was a good idea to take our pictures candid in the therapy room.  Now I look like a depressed sob story, which I guess is what i am, but I like to think I don’t appear that way to everyone else.

But Mr. Shuester is trying to get us all to see the upside of things when they look bad, so I guess the upside to this is that my outfit in the picture is fabulous as always.  Unfortunately they didn’t let me bring in any chains or metal at all, so the pocketwatch and brooch I usually wear with this jacket are getting dusty on a shelf at home.

I miss home.  And my dad.  But hopefully this will be good for me.


I’m going tot try to do one of these blog posts a day, we’ll see how this goes.

New rehabilitation center Klaine roleplay!

I guess I should start by introducing myself.  I’m Kurt Hummel, a seventeen year-old student at McKinley High and a patient at the New Directions Youth Rehabilitation Center.

I don’t necessarily want to be here, I guess.  Long story short I was bullied for being gay and tried to off myself, but obviously I failed.  Now they’re saying I have depression and it’s really stressing my dad out, so I sent myself to rehab because I don’t want him having another heart attack.

I just started boarding here two days ago and it pretty much sucks.  They want each of us to keep a blog so we can get moral support or connect to other people like us or some cheesy nonsense like that.  As if the place wasn’t packed full of “people like us” already - Ohio is understandably chock full of depressed people.

Anyway, feel free to ask me questions - I’m not typically one to lay out my life’s story for the public, but it’s incredibly boring here so I’ve got pretty much nothing else to do.